Sometimes a Break is Good

If my Blog was down for more than an hour ( a year ago ) I would have panicked ,freaked out and panicked some more! My Blog has been down since the 2nd week in January and here I am back on and I'm not worried. If you have been an avid reader of Haute People you would have known I'm not tech savvy and everything Blog related is handled remotely. All it took was a fancy new Design , me clicking a few buttons and poof! Error 404 "something went wrong" and here we are.

Sometimes in life the simplest of things can send us off track especially when we have so much planned. For Haute People I had so much plans to do so much things for 2017 when it all came crashing down. We have people who depend on us and we are signed to a few Networks ( for who we have work outstanding ) but here we are .... taking it a day at a time. This will be our new home for a little while as we get things up and running but I'm honestly in no rush as it will give me time to really , really focus on Haute People the Brand and also gives us time to write quality posts as opposed to a large quantity of posts.

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