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Sometimes a Break is Good

If my Blog was down for more than an hour ( a year ago ) I would have panicked ,freaked out and panicked some more! My Blog has been down since the 2nd week in January and here I am back on .blogspot.com and I'm not worried. If you have been an avid reader of Haute People you would have known I'm not tech savvy and everything Blog related is handled remotely. All it took was a fancy new Design , me clicking a few buttons and poof! Error 404 "something went wrong" and here we are.

Sometimes in life the simplest of things can send us off track especially when we have so much planned. For Haute People I had so much plans to do so much things for 2017 when it all came crashing down. We have people who depend on us and we are signed to a few Networks ( for who we have work outstanding ) but here we are .... taking it a day at a time. This will be our new home for a little while as we get things up and running but I'm honestly in no rush as it will give me time to really , really focus on Haute People the Brand and also gives us time to write quality posts as opposed to a large quantity of posts.

What It Truly Means to Follow Your Passion

I'm sure we've all heard the expression "Follow Your Passion". I believe it was the mantra of 2016 or it's very own theme in a way. We see and hear this expression so much but what does it truly mean?

My passion is food and dining out and If I was to follow this passion I would be grossly overweight and broke! I would need money to support this passion and of course eating that much will make me large. This "Follow Your Passion" business is all about doing that thing that's on your heart that makes you just want to get out of bed. It's that one thing that is always on your mind that you just cannot stop thinking about.

If you are an Accountant and all you think about is Photography , you've even purchased a camera and take a few shots; Photography is your Passion! The hard part is actually following this passion as it might not even be secure and bring you any money but it makes you happy. Following your passion requires having faith , tenacity and a drive like no other . I started truly following my passion earlier this year to live that dotcom lifestyle and I've never been happier. Certainly I'm not making 6 figures but I have less stress as I'm not spending hours in traffic back and forth , I'm not working with people I can't stand and I don't have a massa down my back rushing me to meet a quota.

Are you following your Passion?

Challenge 1: Take a Risk and do 1 thing to follow your Passion TODAY!

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The Passion Project 2.0


5 Things I learnt from the US Presidential Elections

While we like to stay away from topics like Politics, we just had to write a quick post on what we learnt from the previous elections! There are 2 sets of people in America : Those who voted for Trump and those who did not! Today , we'll be sharing what we here at there are a few things we took away from the US Presidential Elections.


When it comes to Donald Trump, we hear words like "over zealous" , "over confident" and arrogant just to name a few. Confidence is one of the major things that got him so far to make it all the way through the end. If we are as confident as Mr. Trump is when it comes to accomplishing goals , things will work out so much better in the end.


I am sure that as a person in 2016 you have visited at least one Social Media Platform and saw all the "Hilary" voters. These people openly and proudly stated that they will be voting for Hilary .... but Trump won so who voted? You can never trust people to truly do what they say. It's sad and true and also messed up!


If you are into T.V Shows like myself you would have been familiar with "The Apprentice". It's a reality type show that features Donald Trump at the head honcho and a few celebrities who want a slot in Trump Empire ( so to speak ) On this show Donald is described as "plain mean", but he was just being himself. During the debates he was the same loud , callous , insensitive person who spoke what was on his mind no matter who was speaking to or about. Sometimes as people we are one way in a particular setting and another at a different setting. Why is it so hard for us to be true selves all the time?


The entire world thought that Hilary would win , after all she was the crowd favorite and had the better ads on T.V. Nobody saw that "The Donald" would win! That's exactly how life is .. It's all smoke and mirrors , appearance vs reality. I'm sure we've seen that popular guy or girl who has all the latest gadgets and clothing and goes out all the time. What we don't see is the amount of debt that person is in and all the lies they tell just to get by.


What does a Real Estate Tycoon know about running for President? Probably nothing! What does an Artiste know about Baking? Probably nothing. Thing is , if you want to do something all you have to do is put your mind to it and the rest will figure itself out.

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The Passion Project 2.0


Knowing When To Quit

There comes a time in every person's life when they just want to quit. Here I am in my 5th year of Blogging and all I can think about the past 2 days Is just to simply quit all my Blogs and keep it moving. As a solo Blogger ( without an investor ) or a team of Bloggers and other creatives it gets overwhelming.

Imagine trying to run a Blog in a 3rd world country like Jamaica where those who are successful Bloggers are Lighter in Skin Tone (classicism is real) or do things that only they and God know about just to get by. Imagine being invited by various Events to come and cover said events then when you turn up to the gate you get the ever popular "oh we don't see you on the list" , Imagine finally getting Contributors and Others to help you every now and again who either can't write to save themselves or when they go to Events is still shocked they are not on the list even though they are invited. Imagine getting "shaded" by another Blogger in your niche who is on the planning team of One of the Biggest Fashion Events that will help to take your Blog to that next level. Imagine ... just Imagine ... asking to do an interview with 8 people who all have poorly written Bios , then you are expected to put a New York times piece on your Blog ... then having all the questions in MP3 format that you have to spend hours transcribing.

Things like these take a toll on one individual and I'm learning to simply turn the computer off and walk away. Let's not talk about people who use your services ... then when a balance is due , suddenly have amnesia then seeing them at the Supermarket with a trolley that could feed a small village.

I'm always told that just as things are about to get better they get worst. I really hope this is one of those times as I'm almost over it.

What do you guys do when you feel like quitting?


How I Stay Motivated

We are all humans and no matter what we do or how many self help books we read, things are not always 100 degrees and sunny! Today, I want to talk to you about how I stay motivated and these are the things that work for me (personally)

I Just Do It 

As cliche as this may sound, it is actually a lot easier said and done! If I have something to do no matter how big or small it is I just do it! I know that nobody else will do it for me or as well as me so I get up and push myself with a drive like no there because I want to succeed.

Tunnel Vision

I live in a country where individualism is non existent. Everybody looks and dresses alike with the same hair , make-up and mindset. I literally tune them out and completely focus on what I have to do. I know that if I stop for just one minute to focus on what everybody else is doing I will become another sheep and lose sight of my own goals.

I ask for Help

This is my greatest struggle and the bane of my existence! I hate asking for help ... I would rather die than go to people for help. In the middle of the year I got over myself and asked for help in areas I was coming up short. I know that I can't take photos to save myself so I partnered with a Photographer to take quality Photos so they look good on the Blog. After I got help , I was much more motivated to improve on the areas I was good at in my life.

I Set Clear Realistic Goals

People always say " If you goals don't scare you , you are no dreaming big enough ". The truth is sometimes setting those goals end up stressing us out more and give us more than we can bear. I find that when I make realistic goals I am so much more motivated because I know what I have to do to reach them.

Ignore What Others think of Me

"What people think about you is none of your Business" Can I tell you how true this is? There is no way we can control people and tell them to think that we are the most wonderful person they've met. I find that when I Ignore what they have to say , I am hella motivated!

How Do you stay motivated?

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The Passion Project 2.0

My Top Books for Inspiration

As a Creative person sometimes finding inspiration may be a bit challenging based on the what you are going through at a particular time in your life. I love reading so my greatest inspiration to be Creative comes from books whether physical or audible copies. See below my top books and also a special link to get a free Audible book of your choice.

If you are like me and like to read but don't have the time then you must have heard about Audible. This is basically a subscription program on Amazon where you get to listen to Books! You can listen while you work , exercise , take the kids to school and even grocery shop! Below are a few of my favorite Books to get me super pumped and inspired.

1. #GIRLBOSS: This is the book to have if you are a Millennial or a Girl Boss. Sophia Amoruso is the Founder and CEO of the Billion Dollar Online Store Nasty Gal. She however did not start this way and was a misguided teen who committed petty theft , hitchhiked and even dumpster dived.

It was not until she was in a 9-5 Job ( for health insurance ) that she found her true calling. This Book is not for the person who is conservative as she gives real life tips on her story and how she created a successful Brand. GET IT HERE FREE 

2. RICH DAD POOR DAD: This Book is the shizzz if you are ready to launch your own Business head on from a man who got real life tips from a Rich Man.  If you are stuck living in the rat-race of life , living paycheck to paycheck and enslaved by mortgage , car payments , credit car debts and other expenses. Robert Kiyosaki introduces you to the power of changing one's thinking to attract your Big Fortune.

The Book is read by Robert himself and has a really positive feel as sometimes readers of the Books can have you feeling really bored and uninspired after a few minutes. GET IT HERE FREE

3.How to Win Friends and Influence People: Why would anyone want to win friends? Why would't anyone? This book is great for the introvert who is not too sharp on their social skills and looking to influence people. Since it's release in 1963 this Book have been bought by over 15 million people which makes Dale Carnegie a Best Selling author.

I'm only half way through this Book and I'm learning skills on how to negotiate and not take No for an answer without being overbearing. GET IT HERE FREE.

You can get any of the Books mentioned above FREE to listen for 30 days by Clicking HERE or you can select any book of your choice. If you like it , you can subscribe to Audible for $14.95 and listen to as many Books as you wish. Cancel anytime.

Audible.com is the premier provider of digital audio-books. Audible has over 180,000 titles to choose from in every genre: thrillers, business, romance, comedy, sci-fi and more. Audible titles play on iPhoneKindle, Android and more than 500 devices for listening anytime, anywhere.

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The Passion Project 2.0


Welcome to the Rest of Your Life

It is almost the end of the year and chances are you only got half way through a long list of reservations you've set for yourself or none at all. Not to worry , as long as you have life there is hope.

The Passion Project is as the name suggests " a labor of love" created by Rane Rhoden founder of the Lifestyle Blog Haute People. I came to the realization that while we received millions of page views and amazing opportunities and partnerships , we were lacking a "community" people were not as interactive as we would have liked them to be.

The Passion Project is a safe haven , a place of rest , hope , growth and power where all the Dreamers go to maximize their talents. Here are the Passion Project we will have Interviews , Channels , Events , Videos , Tips, Tricks and everything else in between to promote positivism and growth. Once you come here be willing to learn and work towards your goals by working extremely hard and making sacrifices to achieve your goals. We will not just talk about cliche things but we will take the necessary steps to get where we want to be.

Look out for us on Social Media once we are fully set up to see what we have planned!

Live your life passionately!