Knowing When To Quit

There comes a time in every person's life when they just want to quit. Here I am in my 5th year of Blogging and all I can think about the past 2 days Is just to simply quit all my Blogs and keep it moving. As a solo Blogger ( without an investor ) or a team of Bloggers and other creatives it gets overwhelming.

Imagine trying to run a Blog in a 3rd world country like Jamaica where those who are successful Bloggers are Lighter in Skin Tone (classicism is real) or do things that only they and God know about just to get by. Imagine being invited by various Events to come and cover said events then when you turn up to the gate you get the ever popular "oh we don't see you on the list" , Imagine finally getting Contributors and Others to help you every now and again who either can't write to save themselves or when they go to Events is still shocked they are not on the list even though they are invited. Imagine getting "shaded" by another Blogger in your niche who is on the planning team of One of the Biggest Fashion Events that will help to take your Blog to that next level. Imagine ... just Imagine ... asking to do an interview with 8 people who all have poorly written Bios , then you are expected to put a New York times piece on your Blog ... then having all the questions in MP3 format that you have to spend hours transcribing.

Things like these take a toll on one individual and I'm learning to simply turn the computer off and walk away. Let's not talk about people who use your services ... then when a balance is due , suddenly have amnesia then seeing them at the Supermarket with a trolley that could feed a small village.

I'm always told that just as things are about to get better they get worst. I really hope this is one of those times as I'm almost over it.

What do you guys do when you feel like quitting?


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